Rain World Devs Talk About Unique Attributes

The developers behind Rain World have recently took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about the unique ecosystem that they have created for the game.

At first glance, we can tell that the game is a 2D platformer with an art style similar to games like Fez. There is a lot of competition within this style of game, especially in the last five years with indie development becoming more accessible. While the initial trailer from the PlayStation experience (below) showed the game off, the details about the AI gives us a better idea of what to expect.

Joar Jakobsson says that they have made an ecosystem for the game, where the creatures will react and live as if it were a living world rather than your usual enemies. While you will still have to be careful of creatures to keep alive, it isn’t the case that they will always react the same. He lists a few examples, like the scavengers:

The scruffy scavengers rooting through the garbage heaps are distrusting and dangerous, but save one from the jaws of a vulture and you might make a friend, or eventually even gain the trust of the entire pack.

Effectively, rather than you being the major character of the game, you will be just a small part of the world, and you will have to adapt. You won’t do this through equipment found in the world, but through the knowledge that you build up. With this knowledge of the ecosystem and the creatures within it, you will be able to survive.

So rather than it being a standard 2D platformer, Rain World will have you trying to survive while developing your knowledge of how to do so.

There hasn’t been any mention of when Rain World will release on both the PlayStation 4 and Steam, although their Twitter says “soon-ish”. If you’re interested, their Twitter will be the best place to keep updated.

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