Sunless Skies Hits Kickstarter Goal Within Hours

Sunless Skies has hit its Kickstarter goal of £100,000 within just four hours of going live, with some pledge tiers already sold out.

The Kickstarter comes from Failbetter Games, the development team behind the 2015 indie hit Sunless Sea. Like the previous game, Sunless Skies is a top-down 2D game that revolves around storytelling in what looks to be an interesting universe. The game takes place ten years after Sunless Sea.

Failbetter Games haven’t released any stretch goals for the campaign, although after already raising $50,000 more than their initial target within 24 hours. They say at the end of their Kickstarter page that the budget for the game actually comes up to £330,000, however they would be able to put funds towards it from the profits of their previous games.

Sunless Sea released in February 2015 on Steam. The game gained positive reviews overall, getting over 80% overall on Metacritic and over 3000 positive user reviews on Steam.

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