Atlus Lays Out DLC Plan for Persona 5

Atlus have release their DLC plans for the Western release of the much-anticipated Persona 5 through a DLC page on their website.

All the DLC detailed on the page are for character cosmetics and Personas from previous games. While one of the packs (the Persona 5 Swimsuit Set) will be free to download, the DLC will cost between $2.99 and $6.99.

It looks likely at the moment that each DLC will be sold individually rather than in packs or with a season pass. One Reddit user found that it would cost around $69 to buy every DLC pack mentioned.

Persona 5 is the latest instalment in the popular JRPG series from Atlus. While it released in Japan last September it is due to arrive worldwide April 4 on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Japanese magazine Famitsu rated the game at 39/40.

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