BioWare to Detail Plans for Mass Effect: Andromeda Next Week

BioWare are planning to detail their future plans for new release Mass Effect: Andromeda next week on April 4, they have announced on Twitter.

They talk about the positive feedback they have gotten from fans, while mentioning that there were times when players were more critical of the game (you can take a guess at what they are talking about).

The delay until next Tuesday to share their immediate plans for the game could be for a few different reasons. It would give BioWare time to set out a proper development roadmap for the next few months that considers both single player issues and multiplayer. It also may let the development team have some time off, which with a strong possibility of ‘crunch’ before release will be important.

The main gripe people have with the game is the bad facial animations for the majority of human characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda, with many of the alien races looking relatively normal. Others have also talked about certain parts of dialogue during their playthrough.

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