Destiny 2 Announced With Teaser Tweet

After multiple leaks hinting that the game exists, a teaser tweet yon Monday confirms that Destiny 2 is real and in the works.

The official Destiny Twitter account tweeted the below image, while also changing its profile picture and header on the social media site.

The tweet comes not long after a promotional poster for the game leaked online. At time the legitimacy was not known, although the Sept. 8 release date caught the eyes of fans. It looks more likely that this could be real as the logo used is the same as the one officially tweeted.

Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips┬áreported that he heard that a beta for the game would be arriving on the PlayStation 4 first in June,

Destiny is a MMO style first-person shooter made by former Halo developers Bungie and published by Activision Blizzard. Releasing in September 2014, it received good reviews and has built up a reasonable fan base.

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