Final Fantasy XIV Ditches Trial Limit

Final Fantasy XIV will no longer have a 14-day limit to its trial, Square Enix have officially announced today on their website.

Old players who tried the trial and new players interested in the game will now be able to play the MMORPG for an unlimited amount of time. Community Representative for Square Enix Daniela Wnuk says on the PlayStation Blog that the game will be unrestricted up until level 35.

The move to an unlimited free trial with a level cap is the same as what Blizzard decided to do with World of Warcraft in 2011, making it possible to play the game with an unlimited amount of characters up to the level 20 limit.

The moves comes ahead of the planned release of new expansion Stormblood. The second expansion is due to release nearly two years after Heavensward became available in June 2015. The overall level cap will be bumped up to level 70 and will give players a brand new region and other interesting content.

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