Nintendo Switch Hits 1.5 Million Sales

The Nintendo Switch has hit at least 1.5 million sales in the first two weeks of release, GamesIndustry has reported.

The statistics have been provided to them by SuperData, with 500,000 units being bought by fans in North America. Japan and Europe have both sold approximately 350,000 Switch’s each, with England supposedly making up 85,000 of Europe’s unknown total.

These numbers reported by GamesIndustry are for units that have been sold to consumers, rather than including all consoles sold to the retailer. It is likely that the total is higher than this at the moment, with it looking likely that Nintendo will hit their target of two million Switch sales by the end of the month.

A big driving force has unsurprisingly come from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 89% of Nintendo Switch owners also bought the game with it, accounting for over 1.3 million sales.

In the UK, Breath of the Wild entered into second and third on the top-selling chart for the Switch and WiiU versions respectively. They were beaten by PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn.

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