It may have only recently come out, and was bought mainly because of an achievement gaining “habit”, but I found myself starting up Her Majesty’s SPIFFING after getting back from a tiring trip.

The games short length and genre worked well with the little sleep I had and the five hours of travelling earlier in the day, whether it was any good or not.

Game Info

Game: Her Majesty’s SPIFFING
Genre: Adventure / Point & Click
Platforms: XB1 (played), PS4, PC, iOS, Android
Release Date: December 2016
Developer: Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd
Publisher: Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd

Tea and frogs

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a simple point & click adventure game, although unlike your Monkey Islands and Day of the Tentacles it takes place in a 3D spaceship (and a desolate planet later on). As Captain Frank Lee English, who of course is very much your stereotypical Englishman, you try to fix issues and carry on the game using items you find and interacting with areas of the environment.

On the other side is the story. The game starts with the Queen taking control of the country again and sending off a Big Ben spaceship on a mission to create a new galactic British empire. The rather comedic nature of the opening cutscene alongside the graphic style gave a good idea on what to expect from the game. Later on you come across a small group that have already took control of the planet you’ve landed on, which of course ended up being the French.

The narrative of the game and the chatter being characters in based on the humour mainly gotten from well-known stereotypes. The main character is as English as can be, at one point you have to make a cup of tea for you and your Welsh squadmate. There is also a reliance on breaking the fourth wall, which while I’m new to point & click games I can guess is a regular occurrence in similar titles.

At times the focus on stereotypes to make the humour felt overly done. Of course the French wanted to build a winery while cheese and frogs made an appearance. If the game lasted any longer it would have really grated like, well, cheese.

Her Majesty's SPIFFING

Short and sweet?

About one hour it took me to get to the end credits in terms of play time, although it lasted a longer part of the day thanks to needing to pause. I went through quickly but even at a slower pace it shouldn’t take longer than two hours. It can easily be completed in one afternoon or an evening after work or school.

A slightly longer experience would’ve been nice, especially when the full price of the game is £9.99 on Steam and £14.99 on the Xbox One. I wouldn’t blame people from turning away at the price for what you get, it’s why I picked it up on a sale not long ago for at least half price. However this meant that from beginning to end it felt full, there wasn’t a moment where the game felt like it was dragging just to make the game slightly longer.

For achievement hunters it’s a no brainer. It’s one of the easiest 1000G completions from last year, and why it was featured in an achievement-related list earlier this year on the site. A fair few of the achievements are missable and gained from doing things like trying to mix dish soap with your mates cup of tea and looking at every rock that the game lets you examine on the planet that you land on.

The Verdict

At times the comedic narrative did seem to be a bit too much, but for the purpose of killing an hour or two one evening it definitely served its purpose. It’s made fairly well with no major issues noticed while playing. People who like achievement hunting should definitely pick this up, although I would recommend that you wait for a sale when it becomes a more worth the money for the time you’ll be putting into it.

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