Fortnite introducing interesting Twitch integration

Epic Games have announced this week that their new game Fortnite will now include Twitch integration for both streamers and viewers.

This will come in the way of quests for both the broadcaster and viewers watching streams using the system. Streamers will get their own ‘Broadcaster Quest’, and in the four hour window viewers will randomly be given a quest in their own game to complete within 36 hours.

Of course for viewers to be involved they need to own the game, while they also need to link their Twitch account to Fortnite to be included.

Subscribers of a broadcaster doing one of these quests will have a chance to gain quests that pay out with better upgrades, giving them an advantage for watching streams that they support.

Fortnite from Epic Games and People Can Fly released this past week. On PC you can buy the Standard Edition for £34.99, with the most expensive edition being an eye watering £119.99. I think I’ll pass on the latter

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