New Guild Wars 2 expansion announcement teased

The team behind Guild Wars 2 have teased the unveiling of a new Guild Wars 2 expansion, which will occur live on August 1.

The website page says that the announcement for the new expansion will be made live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook on Aug 1 at 9:00 PST (midday EST, 17:00 UK time). No more information is given in the announcement of an announcement, although links to the three social media pages can be found underneath the announcement

Guild Wars 2 is an MMO released five years ago from ArenaNet and NCSoft. The game has been pretty successful, with a 90 Metacritic score and one expansion that released in 2015 called Heart of Thorns.

ArenaNet are well-known for the Guild Wars series, with the first game being released over 12 years ago in April 2005.

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