The Sims 4 will debut on consoles this November

The Sims 4 will be making its debut on consoles Nov 17th, with the game being listed on the Microsoft Xbox Live store this week.

Fans of EA’s longstanding series might be happy with the news, with the listing on the Microsoft website showing Friday, 17 November in the UK.

It’s unknown whether the Xbox One will get a fully fledged version of what you can already play on your PC, or whether it will be a different experience like we’ve seen on console and handheld systems in the past with the series.

The description for the game does however say that people who pre-order the game will get the Perfect Patio Stuff expansion pack, which released in June 2015 for the main game. It’s a good sign that it will be the main game, although it could mean that all the singular expansion packs will also be released as DLC.

The Sims 3: Pets was the last Sims game from EA to release on consoles in October 2011.

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