The team working on Codemasters’ recently announced game Onrush include some of the developers that worked on Motorstorm and Driveclub for Sony.

When someone asked game director for Onrush Paul Rustchynsky whether part of the team which worked on Driveclub and the Motorstorm franchise was working on the game, he confirmed that this was the case.

Onrush was announced two weeks ago by Codemasters. From the teaser trailer, the game looks to be a new arcade racer set in a cold, wintry environment. The vehicles range from your usual four-wheel cars to motorbikes, while for the latter it looks like tricks are possible.

It goes in a different direction to what Codemasters usually take, with most of their racing games being either in the middle of the arcade to simulation spectrum or at the simulation end. This year the company has released Dirt 4 and F1 2017, with both doing well critically.

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