Popular real-time strategy game StarCraft 2 has ditched its price tag and has gone free to play, Blizzard Entertainment has announced this week.

The most recent 4.0 update patch notes starts with telling fans that the game is now free to play. This includes both the campaign and the unranked multiplayer ladder system. Ranked multiplayer can be unlocked by either by buying a campaign or by getting 10 “first wins of the day”, which would take at least 10 days minimum to complete for new players.

For these new players the game will ask about their experience level with real-time games, with the possibility of going through a tutorial.

And for those who already own the game or any of its expansions, they will receive an exclusive Ghost skin.

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty originally released in July 2010 as a sequel to 1998 game StarCraft and its popular expansion called Brood War. The game gained a 93 average rating on Metacritic, and is known as being a pioneering game for esports earlier in the decade.

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