Project Hospital, a game heavily inspired and based on the old classic Theme Hospital, has been announced a view to release next year.

The game is being developed by Prague, Czech Republic-based Oxymoron Games, who has released a trailer to show it off, which you can watch below.

Like in Theme Hospital, Project Hospital has you creating and maintaining your own hospital in an isometric style. You will be able to hire and organise a work force of people and be a part of their work load in-game among other things.

The game doesn’t have a firm release date as of yet, but it’s planned to release in 2018 on Steam.

Oxymoron Games is a new indie studio, with some of the founders having worked on the likes of the Mafia series, Quantum Break and Euro Truck Simulator.

Theme Hospital originally released over 20 years ago for the PC and in 1998 made its way to the original PlayStation. It’s currently being sold on EA’s Origin store for £4.25.

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