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Metacritic Rating: 97 

Only two PlayStation 2 games have received a 97 average rating on Metacritic, and while Grand Theft Auto 3 shows as second on the sites’ own list it is arguably one of the most influential games of all time.

GTA 3 was the first game in the series from Rockstar, developed by DMA Design who are now known as Rockstar North, to be played in a third-person perspective. The main protagonist Claude starts his journey for revenge in Liberty City after being able to escape from a police van taking him to jail where he was to serve a long sentence. The game was highly controversial in the press due to its violence and topics, even after some parts were tweaked and taken out just before release due to the 9/11 attacks in New York City.

Players had missions to complete with them and the overall story being linear, but due to the open world of Liberty City there were often different ways to be able to complete these missions. Many open world games, whether an RPG like The Witcher 3 or an action-adventure game like Assassin’s Creed, can thank Rockstar and GTA 3 for its innovation.



1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3

Metacritic Rating: 97

Top of the PlayStation 2 games on Metacritic is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3, which is regarded as the best Tony Hawk video game in the whole franchise. IGN gave the game a 9.7/10 and GameSpot a rare 10/10, with over two million copies being sold in North America in the first five years.

Like the previous two Tony Hawk games on the original PlayStation, Pro Skater 3 gave the player multiple unlockable levels, each with their own goals to obtain in the given time frame. The game introduced reverts, which were performed when landing a trick on a quarter pipe, that let players carry on their combo if they went straight into a manual.

Hidden combos were introduced which let players score more in their combos, with the feature being refined for Pro Skater 4. The game was also the first to include online multiplayer, which was achieved by using either the PS2 network adaptor or a USB ethernet adaptor.

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