About Us

Hello and welcome to Fullscreen Mode, a new venture into the gaming sphere on the internet.

Fullscreen Mode is the successor to The Bitrate, which was originally set up to gain more experience in gaming journalism easier. While the initial idea of the site was to have a focus on Twitch related content that didn’t happen, and we also think Fullscreen Mode is a cooler name (we were surprised the domain wasn’t already taken).

You can expect the latest gaming news here, while we also plan to dive further into more personal content like features, interviews, opinion pieces and reviews. We are in for a fun adventure.

The Team

Tim Lumb

Fullscreen Mode, Tim Lumb I am the founder of both The Bitrate and now Fullscreen Mode. I have been writing on-and-off about gaming since 2010, although it has been a bigger focus since 2015 after leaving university.

When I’m not working on here, I’m either writing about motorsports for ReadMotorsport, lurking in a Twitch channel or stacking products at a supermarket (it pays the bills).

Email: tim@fullscreenmode.com
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